Yu Hu Chun Vase in Altar-Red Glaze of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

Yu Hu Chun Vase in Altar-Red Glaze of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

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Size: 27.7cm (Width) 24.8cm (Depth) 45.8cm (Height)
Created date: Oct 16, 2021
Collection: Heritage Series

DIMENSIONS: 27.7cm (Width) 24.8cm (Depth) 45.8cm (Height)

This item has a flared mouth, a slender neck, a low body and a tapered foot that is short and rounded in form. Its overall form is graceful and elegant. The rim, interior wall, and bottom are in the alter-red glaze. The glaze is even, smooth, and bright. Its style is similar to the Yongxuan bright-red glaze and the Kangxi red glaze. Its timeless glaze is perfect in color, demonstrating the supremely beautiful craft for which the Qing dynasty is admired. This Yu Hu Chun vase was sent overseas and then came back to China. Thus, the body’s gilded copper rim and swans were added later. The round base is a high-quality French gilded copper sculpture that is exquisite, vivid, gorgeous and elegant. This piece features a regular shape, a smooth outline, a graceful model, and a pure color. In a word, it is a rare treasure produced by the official kiln.The alter-red glaze is a famous type of copper-red glaze, first created in Jingdezhen in the Xuande reign of the Ming dynasty. Ware in the alter-red glaze is for sacrificial purposes, hence the name. The glaze resembles rich deep red. It is solemn, serene and lustrous, in addition to which it’s crack free. The ingredients of the alter-red glaze include precious gold, coral, agate and jade. Production was made irrespective of cost. Therefore, it is extremely precious. The processes were not handed down in the middle and late Ming dynasty, but they were revived during the Qing dynasty, by which time the colors were brighter and more varied. Ceramics in Jingdezhen, written in the Jiaqing reign of the Qing dynasty, states, “Few craftsmen can produce porcelains in the alter-red glaze. None of them is an expert. Only official kilns can imitate it.” During the Daoguang reign of the Qing dynasty, GongXun wrote in The Song of Ceramics in Jingdezhen, “Official kilns attach great importance to the alter-red glaze. However, it is difficult to control. Porcelains are painted on sunny and cold days. The same processes can have different effects.” Thus, we know it was difficult for craftspeople of the Qing dynasty to produce porcelains in the alter-red glaze because it was not easy to obtain a pure glaze. Porcelains in the bright-red glaze found favor in the eyes of the Qianlong emperor. This piece has high aesthetic perception, characteristics of the times and is of great value for the collector.

Market price: USD25,000-51,000

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