Anonymous - Famille rose and gilt painted Avalokitesvara Thangka - GV-PP-2112-021


Anonymous - Famille rose and gilt painted Avalokitesvara Thangka - GV-PP-2112-021

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSION: Width - frame: 79.5 cm, content: 55.5 cm; Height - frame: 106.5 cm, content: 79.5 cm

Thousand-Armed and Thousand-Eyed Avalokitesvara (Guanyin Bodhisattva), also known as Thousand-Handed Guanyin, is one of the incarnations of Guanyin Bodhisattva often worshipped in Chinese Buddhism. It is one of the major Six Guanyins. The name comes from its thousand hands with an eye generally on statues or paintings, and most of them are represented by forty hands, thirty-six hands, twenty-four hands, or eighteen hands.

In Tibetan, Thangka means "pine tree" and is a kind of portrait painted on cloth or paper. Thangka emerged in the Tibetan regime in ancient China and is portable and easy to collect. Thangka features a wide range of subjects, including Buddhist statues of Buddha, deities and ancestors, as well as history and folklore, covering almost all aspects of Tibetan life, and is known as "the encyclopedia of Tibet".

Making famille rose ceramic plaque painting is more difficult than traditional paper painting, because it has to be fired twice in the kiln and there are risks of cracking or deforming. However, the color enamels used in ceramic plaque painting are more stable and the texture is stronger. Ceramic plaque painting has more layering and is more three-dimensional than paper painting. Moreover, it can be permanently preserved, avoiding insect bites and weathering.

With the skillful pastel and gilding techniques, the painting is exquisite and magnificent, revealing the sacredness and majesty of the Thousand-Handed, Thousand-Eyed Guanyin of Mercy, making it a rare Tibetan Buddhist Thangka masterpiece.

GV-PP-2112-021 NFC ID:  04:8D:0F:7A:E6:72:80

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