Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Fusion DOT?

Fusion DOT is a proprietary DOT format developed by Coinllectibles.Art providing a gold standard of rights and title of ownership of a digital asset connected to a physical asset.

How do I download and view my DOTs in my wallet?

Kindly follow the steps shown below: 

For further assistance, please contact info@coinllectibles.art. 

How will my legal rights be protected? What if someone copies the digital image of my artwork?

A legal contract is embedded into the Fusion DOT.  Within the legal contract, there are terms of ownership and legal recourse available when third parties breach any copyright terms.

As the owner of a Fusion DOT, you will be able to take the necessary legal action (as per what has been stipulated in the legal contract) against those who breach your digital ownership rights.

Am I buying a whole collectible item or a fraction of it?

When you buy a Fusion DOT, you are buying the whole collectible item and not a part of it.  The DOT contains documents to transfer the relevant rights and title to the DOT buyer. Documentations has been prepared by our panel of lawyers.

What is the range of collectibles do you offer?

We offer a wide range of collectibles items – such as art pieces, sculpture, watches, as well as other exciting areas to come.  In short, Coinllectibles will work with anything that has collection value.

What can I do with the collectible items after I have acquired the DOT?

You can either (1) take possession of it to the location of your choice or (2) leave it in the Coinllectibles Fusion DOT gallery in Hong Kong.

If you decide to display it in our gallery, you can choose to have your name up in an elegantly designed sign placed besides the art piece and or doing a short video to share why you decided to buy it.  This is our way of making it an immersive experience for our Fusion DOT owners.

How long can I leave the art piece in the gallery for?

You can leave your collection in our gallery for a maximum of ten years.  After that, you would have to take possession of the item.

Where is the Coinllectibles Fusion DOT Gallery located? Is it a virtual gallery?

No, it is not a virtual gallery.

The Coinllectibles Fusion DOT Gallery is in Hong Kong at the K11 Atelier (Victoria Dockside), a redevelopment of New World Centre situated in the prime location of Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.  K11 MUSEA is a museum-retail complex situated in the heart of the US$2.6 billion Victoria Dockside development.

Can I resell my Fusion DOT?

Yes, as the owner of the Fusion DOT, you can resell it anytime you wish.

Where can I resell my Fusion DOT? Will Coinllectibles help me?

Yes, we would be able to help you.  You can list the DOT for resale in your MetaMall account and there would be a transaction fee of 8% payable to Coinllectibles.

Can I sell the Fusion DOT and the physical item separately?

As the owner of the Fusion DOT, you can sell it however and to whomever you like.

However, our Fusion DOTs were intended to be jointly transacted.  If you decide to sell the DOT separate from the physical item, you may be in breach of some of the original legal terms or extinguish some of the legal protections that are in place.  Hence, you would have to seek your own advice on the legal implications. 

Do I have to use cash to bid for the DOT? Can I use cryptocurrencies?

You can you either fiat (i.e. cash) or cryptocurrencies to buy our Fusion DOTs.

 Coinllectibles™ Launches US$3.8million "Magnificent Ceramic Series" On Its MetaMall. 
 Coinllectibles™ Launches US$3.8million "Magnificent Ceramic Series" On Its MetaMall.