Yellow-glazed Wucai Dual-lug Vase with Character Stories - CIMB-CAP-2203-029

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Size: 29cm (Width) 29.5cm (Depth) 52cm (Height)
Created date: Nov 03, 2022

Magnificent Series

The Magnificent Series collects exquisite antique works from Qing Dynasty, as well as ancient style artworks made by modern artists.

This collection features exquisite production, reflecting an extremely high level of craftsmanship and artistic values, expressing inspiring and auspicious meaning. This collection is truly a great set of works with high collection values.

Yellow-glazed Wucai Dual-lug Vase with Character Stories

DIMENSIONS: 29cm (Width) 29.5cm (Depth) 52cm (Height)

This Yellow-glazed Wucai Dual-lug Vase with Character Stories features a thick, full-bodied base, with excellent glaze, and a yellow-glazed brocade ground pattern, with a gold-rimmed hollow motif: Character stories are painted with exquisite patterns, rich and vivid colors, as well as delicate and sophisticated craftsmanship. The appearance is flawless, and it is one type of overglaze color styles. The process consists of billet glazing and firing in the kiln, then painting on the glaze, followed by a second firing in the furnace. As early as during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, the Wucai art, as the technique of overglaze color, had begun to emerge, and during the reign of Emperor Yongzheng, it had matured and formed a unique style of Wucai decoration, and during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the Wucai art had become highly prosperous. Most of the subjects are based on daily life, with familiar characters and stories, flowers, birds and animals etc., and the social and cultural atmosphere of the era was concentrated on the exquisite and beautiful ceramic, with special craftsmanship and unique effects. The abdomen is painted with character stories in powder enamel, with a variety of figures featuring vivid forms, refined ornamentation, full composition, and elegant coloring. The entire piece was exquisitely made, highlighting the mastery of the craftsmen on the painting skills and making it a preferred choice for collection.

“Art Investment and Appreciation“Powder Enamel Vase with Character Stories

In particular, the production and use during the reign of Emperor Qianlong were prevailing. Some experts believe that the ornamental vases are the typical types of ceramics after the Middle of the Qing Dynasty. The ornamental vase handed down from his ancestors bears the implied meaning of auspiciousness. It features simple patterns and elegant shape, making it an excellent item during the Qing Dynasty with extremely high collection values and artistic values.

The emergence of such craftsmanship promoted the Wucai to a new height with greater prosperity, which has continued to the Republic of China. A variety of colored glazes are employed as the background, up to over ten types, some are painted with Western-style tangled flowers on the colored background, and some just apply the enamel color rolling process on the colored background via sharp metal tools. The refined phoenix tail patterns are engraved, to “add brilliance to the present splendor”, and there're flowers and birds, landscape figures as well as poems written by Emperor Qianlong in ink are painted inside. Such kind of powder enamel is delicate and complicated, which is unprecedented, and was prevailing in Qianlong powder enamel.

Market price: USD 19,400-32,300

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