Xu Xuebin - Lovesickness - CIMB-PP-2111-006


Xu Xuebin - Lovesickness - CIMB-PP-2111-006

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DIMENSION:  Width - frame: 62.7 cm, content: 43.2 cm; Height - frame: 99.5 cm, content: 80 cm. 

Mr. Xu Xuebin, born in Jingdezhen in 1970, is a renowned deaf Senior Arts and Crafts Artist of Jiangxi Province, and a professor-level arts and crafts artist. Currently, he is the Vice Chairman of the Jingdezhen Disabled Artists Association, a member of the China Arts and Crafts Association, and a member of the Jingdezhen Artists Association. He enjoys the honorary title of "New Century Outstanding Chinese Artist".

Mr. Xu Xuebin has been fond of ceramic art since he was a child. Under the guidance of the famous master Mr. Wu Kang, Mr. Xu Xuebin learned a lot. He graduated from the China Calligraphy and Painting Correspondence University in 1995. In 2000, he got the Chinese painting and calligraphy grading examination of ceramic art professional Level 1 qualification (the highest). In 2001, his work "Red Ship and Rising Sun" meiping created for the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party was selected to be sent to the central government. In 2002, his work "Butterfly Play" won the "International Award of Excellence" in the Sixth Chinese Art Conference Hong Kong Art Exhibition. In 2002, his work landscape vase "Monkey Viewing The Sea" won the "Gold Medal" in the National Young and Middle-aged Ceramic Artists Fine Collection Grand Prix. In 2007, his work "Four Beauties" won the gold medal in the Second Shanghai Collectors’ Favorite Art Master Selection Contest. He is good at painting figures in meticulous brushwork, animals, landscapes, flowers and birds, Western paintings and so on. His works are clear and natural, moving and attain the unity of man and painting. His artistic style is unique. Many of his works have been included in books and dictionaries such as "Fine Collection of Modern Chinese Ceramics", "Jingdezhen Ceramics" and "Millennium Ceramic Rhyme" etc.

Making famille rose ceramic plaque painting is more difficult than traditional paper painting, because it has to be fired twice in the kiln and there are risks of cracking or deforming. However, the colour enamels used in ceramic plaque painting are more stable and the texture is stronger. Ceramic plaque painting has more layering and three-dimensional sense than paper painting. Moreover, it can be permanently preserved, avoiding insect bites and weathering.

The maker of this work used the famille rose technique and combined the traditional Chinese meticulous painting style with the western impressionist painting style to depict a painting of flowers and birds with the traditional Chinese theme of the lovesick acacia, and replaced the traditional acacia with an egret. It is a combination of Chinese and Western elements, with innovative and unique style and thus high collection value.

CIMB-PP-2111-006 NFC ID: 04:6E:13:7A:E6:72:80

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