Xu Junping - Ancient Bronze Glazed and Gilt Masked Zun - CIMB-CAP-2109-006


Xu Junping - Ancient Bronze Glazed and Gilt Masked Zun - CIMB-CAP-2109-006

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DIMENSION: 26cm (Width) 24cm (Depth) 33.5cm (Height)

This modern bronze glazed and gilt painted masked vase imitates the Imperial yangcai bronze glazed ceramics of the Qianlong period of the Qing dynasty in totality. The bronze glazed and gilt painted ceramics were masterpieces among Qianlong period yangcai ceramics. It is difficult to fire the ceramic and enamels to imitate the metal. There are a few examples from the original Qing Court collection in the Palace Museum now. This vase is even more detailed than the Qianlong prototype. Its decoration is more complex and the gilt painting appears grand and magnificent. It is a modern ceramic masterpiece.

Its maker is Xu Junping, a member of the Jingdezhen Artists Association, a member of the Jiangxi Province Arts and Crafts Association and a Senior Arts and Crafts Artist of Jingdezhen. He was born in 1982. His works are charming and exquisite. He has won numerous awards over the years. His work "One Hundred Birds Competing for Beauty" was selected by the Jiangxi Provincial government to be presented to Mr. Edmund Ho Hau-wah, the Chief Executive of Macao. His famille rose works "Hundred Birds Facing the Phoenix” and "Celebration of the Birthday by Immortals" were collected by the Singapore Art Museum. Many of his works were selected as gifts for foreign ambassadors, since they have great artistic and collection value.

Market Price: HKD 40,000.00 - 60,000.00

CIMB-CAP-2109-006 NFC ID: 04:84:0E:7A:E6:72:80

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