Variable Glaze Flask in Altar Red Glaze of Qing Dynasty (19th century) (HL. No.028)


Variable Glaze Flask in Altar Red Glaze of Qing Dynasty (19th century) (HL. No.028)

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 24.1cm (Width) 24.3cm (Depth) 38.8cm (Height)

This Zun vessel, clad in altar-red glaze, has red, blue and yellow colors that interweave in a spectacular effect reminiscent of fire and sunset. The vessel comprises a long neck, drum-like body and rounded foot. The texture is hard, and the glaze is thick with a vitreous luster. Stylistically, it is dignified by nonetheless passion. This piece, recovered from overseas, bears a gilded-copper rim and phoenixes on the two sides of the body, which were added later. The circular base -- a gilded-copper sculpture of French origin -- is exquisite, vivid, gorgeous and elegant. The variable glaze, a Chinese innovation, is distinct from the traditional, single-color glaze. As a breakthrough in the celadon glaze category, it opened up a new horizon of Chinese ceramics. Jun ware of the Song dynasty is rare and precious, and accordingly we have the saying, “A ton of money is not as good as a piece of Jun ware.” Colored, glazed ceramics produced by famous kilns of the Song dynasty, such as the Jun kiln, were highly praised and imitated in the later dynasties. The craze of imitation of Jun ware by kilns in Jingdezhen during the Ming and Qing dynasties emerged during the Xuande reign of the Ming dynasty. The style was prevalent in the Yongzheng and Qianlong reigns of the Qing dynasty, during which the emulation of colored, glazed ceramics produced by the five great kilns of the Song dynasty achieved considerable accuracy. Red-glazed Jun ware has been produced in Jingdezhen since the late Song dynasty. The Jun red glaze elevated the decorative technique as applied to ceramics. In fact, the ruby and altar reds for which the Ming dynasty is known, along with the Lang kiln red, peach-blossom red and some variable glazes of the Qing dynasty had their origins in Jun red.

Market price: USD25,900-51,700

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