Qing Dynasty (19th Century) Carved Red Lacquer and Cloud Dragon Stick Mallet Vase

Qing Dynasty (19th Century) Carved Red Lacquer and Cloud Dragon Stick Mallet Vase

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Size: 17cm (Width) 17.3cm (Depth) 34.6cm (Height)
Created date: Sep 15, 2021
Collection: Heritage Series

名稱及規格: 清代剔紅雕漆雲龍紋棒槌瓶

清乾隆是瓷器發展史上的高峰,由於乾隆皇帝喜好雅玩,酷愛各類瓷器及工藝品,幾乎到了狂熱的程度,這推動了陶瓷工藝的革新和發展。在他的倡導下瓷器新品種亦不斷出現,當時的青花瓷玲瓏剔透,彩瓷絢麗多姿。而漆器 又是皇宮中最常見到的用器,而且雕漆常見的紅色更是皇宮中的吉利色,最常見的也是乾隆時期的仿雕漆瓷器。雕瓷是一個難度很高的工藝,泥土太干、太濕都容易剝落,尤其是複雜的雕瓷,複雜而精緻的更難,如清乾隆仿雕 漆萬花天球瓶,層層堆棧,有四五層之多。而曲線如行水流雲,不是技巧非常高的藝匠難以辦到。仿雕漆瓷器最重要的步驟雖然是雕瓷工藝,然而最後一步的施釉工藝也不可忽視,所施之紅釉與常見紅釉則有所不同。為了達到 漆器的質感,所施高溫紅釉透明度降低,燒成之後要有雕漆的感覺。 本拍品剔紅雕漆雲龍紋棒槌瓶,撇口,短頸,平肩微折,身成四筒形,長方腹上部略寬,下部修窄,器底有圓形底足,凹底施釉。 全瓶身為剔紅趕珠雲龍紋,瓶子造型規整,渾圓飽滿,漆色紅亮,雕工細緻,刀法工整,紋飾繁複,所呈現之剔紅色鮮豔沈穩,所畫趕珠雲龍紋,刻畫得生靈活現,有康熙風格。此剔紅雕漆賞瓶的雕漆均能符合康熙風格。為五 爪龍紋、應不是尋常百姓所能擁有之物。 實為不可多得的一件值得收藏精品。

Name and Specification: Qing Dynasty (19th Century) Carved Red Lacquer and Cloud Dragon Stick Mallet Vase

DIMENSIONS: 17cm (Width) 17.3cm (Depth) 34.6cm (Height)

The reign of Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, was the period of great prosperity of porcelain development. The Qianlong Emperor had a love for all kinds of porcelain and handicrafts, which promoted the innovation and development of ceramic crafts. Under his advocacy, new varieties of porcelain were made. At that time, the blue and white porcelain was exquisite and translucent, and the colored porcelain was gorgeous and colorful. Lacquer ware is the most common ware in the imperial palace, and the red color usually used for lacquer is the auspicious color used in imperial palaces. The imitation lacquer porcelain of the Qianlong period is also very common at that time. Porcelain carving is a very difficult craft. If the soil is too dry or too wet, it will easily be peeled off, especially for the complex and delicate carvings, such as the Qianlong imitation lacquer celestial vase which has four to five layers. The porcelain carving is like flowing water, which is difficult for unskilled artisans to carve. Although the most important step of lacquered porcelain is the carving process, the last step of glazing cannot be ignored. The red glaze applied is different from more common ones. In order to achieve the texture of lacquer ware after the firing process, the transparency of the high-temperature red glaze applied has to be reduced.

This lot has a red-carved lacquer and cloud-dragon-patterned mallet vase, with a narrow mouth, a short neck, flat shoulders, and a rectangular tube shape. The upper part of vase is slightly wider, while the lower part is narrower. The shape of the vase is regular, round and fluid, the paint color is red and bright, the carving is meticulous, the blading technique is neat, and the ornamentation is delicate. The whole vase has the patterns of cloud dragon, which is vividly portrayed matched with Kangxi style. The five-claw dragon pattern is a very rare possession.

Appraised Price Range: USD45,000-65,000

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