Modern Yellow-Glaze Ewer with Lid in Style in Hongzhi Reign of the Ming Dynasty - HL No.008


Modern Yellow-Glaze Ewer with Lid in Style in Hongzhi Reign of the Ming Dynasty - HL No.008

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Size: 20.1cm (Width) 15cm (Depth) 27cm (Height)
Created date: Aug 11, 2022
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSIONS: 20.1cm (Width) 15cm (Depth) 27cm (Height)

The yellow-glaze ceramic was a significant type of imperial ceramic during the Ming and Qing dynasties. As recorded in the Reigning Dynasty Palace History of the Qing dynasty (Volume XVII Expenditures), the wholly yellow-glaze ceramic was exclusive to the emperor, the empress dowager and the empress. The imperial noble consort was privileged to the ceramic that was yellow-glaze outside and white-glaze inside, while noble consorts, the ceramic with green patterns on a yellow ground; imperial concubines, the ceramic with yellow patterns on a blue ground; noble ladies, the ceramic with purple patterns on a green ground; and first-class female attendants, the ceramic with red patterns on a green ground. The yellow-glaze ceramic not only was exclusive to the royal family, but also represented hierarchy. Its production processes varied by dynasty. Besides daily use, the yellow-glaze ceramic was also for sacrificial purposes in the imperial palace. Sacrificial ceramics account for a large proportion of the ceramics handed down from the Jiajing reign of the Ming dynasty. The pouring yellow glaze was invented in the Xuande reign of the Ming dynasty. It means the yellow glaze was poured down on the biscuit ceramic. This technique peaked in the Hongzhi reign of the Ming dynasty. As its color is as delicate and glossy as chicken fat, the pouring yellow glaze is also known as the "delicate yellow glaze" or the "chicken fat yellow glaze,” found in the eyes of the later generations. Among the ceramics handed down and unearthed, the color of most of the ceramic in the slipping yellow glaze, produced by the official kiln in Jingdezhen in the Jiajing reign of the Ming dynasty, is dark. Only a few products became masterpieces, attributable to their pure, light, elegant color.

This item is a yellow-glaze wine pot that is yellow-glaze outside and white-glaze inside. A five-clawed dragon appears on the body, with flowing beards. The horns are pointing backward, while the four legs cling to the body of the ewer. The handle is a yellow-glaze Kui dragon. There is also a dragon head on the spout. The lid is yellow-glaze outside and white-glaze inside as well. The concave lines are slightly dark. The delicate yellow is bright, even, light and elegant. The glaze is as bright and clean as water.

Market price: USD 28,400 - 45,200

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