Modern Teapot with Kui Dragons in Clashing Colors and Style of the Chenghua Reign of the Ming Dynasty - HL No.042b


Modern Teapot with Kui Dragons in Clashing Colors and Style of the Chenghua Reign of the Ming Dynasty - HL No.042b

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 17cm (Width) 10.5cm (Depth) 12.5cm (Height)

This item is a modern teapot with Kui dragons in contrasting colors and the style of the late Chenghua reign of the Ming dynasty, produced in Jingdezhen during contemporary times. The form is somewhat plump, highlighted by the roundness of the body. Thanks to its excellent design, the lid and body look as if they are connected. This classic form evolved from ceramic during the Song dynasty. The handle is reasonably large, while the spout is wide and straight. The slightly broad shoulders taper, lending curvature to the foot. Both patterns on the lid and body are outlined in the blue-and-white glaze and filled with other colors. This coloring technique is called “filling color,” or what is generally referred to as "contrasting color,” as is evident in the notes on the Nan Kiln.

The painter placed a Kui dragon on each side of the body. Each of them has a high nose bridge, an open mouth and a wave-like body. The wings and tail are in floral scrolls. Outlined in the blue-and-white glaze, the dragons are filled in the green glaze. The bodies are accompanied by the pattern of ruyi (an ornamental object having an "S" shape) in the blue-and-white glaze. The shoulders and lower body are embellished with red lotuses that face upward. The lid surface, dotted with little yellow flowers, is broad and smooth. The foot is inward and rounded. Overall, the paintings are lively, while the colors are clear and fanciful.

Market price: USD15,500-32,300

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