Modern Multicolored Zun Vessel with Landscape, Figure Design and Beasts’ Ears - CIMB-CAP-2203-016


Modern Multicolored Zun Vessel with Landscape, Figure Design and Beasts’ Ears - CIMB-CAP-2203-016

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 29.3cm (Width) 28.6cm (Depth) 39.6cm (Height)

The Kangxi Multicolored Ceramic features a dense texture, as well as impressive weight and colors, coupled with blue, gold and black tones. Accordingly, this type of Ceramic is also known as the “Hard Multicolored Ceramic.” The Kangxi Multicolored Ceramic refers to the multicolored ceramic during the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty. Remarkable breakthroughs were achieved in multicolored ceramic in this period. Overglaze blue was invented to replace the blue-and-white underglaze used during the Ming dynasty. Additionally, the black color was applied to decorative overglaze. Multicolored ceramic was purely painted with overglaze colors in this period. The innovation shook the dominant position of the multicolored and blue-and-white ceramic of the Ming dynasty. The Kangxi Multicolored Ceramic took various forms. Large types, such as Zun vessels, Gu (a kind of ceramic with a long, slender body and a mouth that is larger than its foot), fish tanks and various jugs, accounted for a greater proportion than those of previous dynasties. Ceramic forms were novel during the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty. Some of them were unprecedented, implying the mature techniques used to form the clay bodies. Examples include Guanyin Zun; wooden, club-shaped vases; Hua Gu with magnolia floral patterns; and gourd-shaped vases. They tend to have a high profile, being highly decorative and artistically executed.

This exquisitely made Zun vessel has a regular form, thick bottom and bright glaze. In the colorful painting, we can see that trees are meticulously depicted with thin and thick strokes. On the two sides of the body of the piece is a pair of gilded ears in the shape of the Chi dragon. Below are children chasing butterflies. Thus, the painting is vivid and vibrant. This item, pure handmade, with a natural gloss, is a modern masterpiece in the style of the official kiln in the early Qing dynasty.

Market price: USD25,900-38,800

NFC ID: 04:2C:1A:7A:E6:72:80

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