Modern Multicolored Guanyin Vase in Yellow Glaze with Dragon and Bat Patterns - HL No.048


Modern Multicolored Guanyin Vase in Yellow Glaze with Dragon and Bat Patterns - HL No.048

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 22.3cm (Width) 22.4cm (Depth) 42.2cm (Height)

The vase, with its flared mouth, is highlighted by a long neck. The decorations on the body from the neck to the foot are clouds, abstract lotus petals, bats and banana leaves. Historically, the five clawed (in fact, "five clawed" means that each foot has five toes rather than that the dragon has five claws) dragon symbolized Chinese emperors, and in fact, five clawed dragon patterns were exclusive to emperors in feudal society. If dragon patterns were to be used by other members in the royal family or local governments, only the use of "four clawed" dragon patterns was allowed.

The five clawed dragon in the blue glaze on the body is similar to the pattern outlined in gold on a straight neck vase in the red and green glazes from the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty. Near the foot, there are patterns of the sea and waves, the setting of a flying dragon with claws brandished, a curved body and large, globular eyes. The dragon's mouth is open, its tongue is out and its beard is Its scales are clear and densely arranged, and the claws are powerful and sharp. The blue glaze makes the head and body of the dragon vivid and stereographic. This item features meticulous, mature, lifelike paintings. Its fine condition and bright yellow glaze contribute to its rareness.

Market price: USD 23,300 - 32,300

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