Modern Multicolor Vase with Flared Mouth and Figure Design - HL No. 045


Modern Multicolor Vase with Flared Mouth and Figure Design - HL No. 045

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 25cm (Width) 25cm (Depth) 39cm (Height)

This item has a thick, lustrous glaze, and the colors are rich. Covered by a translucent glaze known as glass white, the colors, once fired, took on a brilliant gleam. The overglaze ceramic--innovative for its time--originated during the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty. Thus, it bears characteristics of the preceding dynasties. During this period, multicolor ceramic was the most distinctive. In fact, overglaze blue was created at this time, and painting became more delicate and elegant. Colors varied as well, with some being lavish and others being gossamer-thin. The figures on the piece are Westerners, including men and a woman whose breast is bared. The blue glaze is bright and glossy, while the green glaze is fine and gentle. The blue glaze is translucent and thin, while the thick, bright yellow glaze is used to depict hair, eyebrows and eyes or to sketch contours. The three characters are relaxing amid the sensual delights of a garden.

Market price: USD 19,400-32,300

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