Modern Famille Rose Landscape in Reserve Tibetan Ewer Duomu

Modern Famille Rose Landscape in Reserve Tibetan Ewer Duomu

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Created date: Aug 12, 2021
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSIONS: 23.8cm (Width) 14.6cm (Depth) 51.6cm (Height)

The tibetan ewer duomu has a truncated, cylindrical form with an oblique mouth, a cap-shaped rim and a foot ring. The neck is decorated with a handle in a form that combines a dragon's head and the tail of a fish. Fluid flows from the mouth of the dragon on the side of the piece. The pitcher is capped with a bowl-shaped lid, which is embellished with gilded lotus petals and button beads. The neck, body and cover are glazed in blue enamel, and the mouth and body wall are engraved with chrysanthemum flowers and curling grass patterns. The design is complex and extremely splendid. The bottom is engraved with four chinese characters in regular script in two lines which mean "made in yongzheng reign.”Artisans of the qing dynasty were subject to strict restrictions on the application of yellow color. Only the emperors' court dress could be dyed in the brightest yellow tone, while the crown princes wore apricot yellow, the princes wore a slightly reddish yellow (golden yellow) and the brothers of the emperor were dressed in blue. The restrictions on the application of color to porcelains were even stricter. Only the emperors, empress dowagers and empresses were allowed to use yellow porcelains in the harem. This mdong-mo pitcher is a special imperial article made by the imperial workshops of the hall of mental cultivation during the reign of emperor qianlong. The handle upon the neck is in the form of a dragon's head, finished with the tail of a fish, and fluid pours forth from the dragon's head. This implies the meaning of "the everlasting rule on the empire"; the neck and body are decorated in a pattern comprised of nine filigree lotuses arranged in three orderly rows, thus implying that "three begets all things and nine gathers into one, " which in turn equates to "everlasting wealth." Interestingly, the beijing palace museum now has a qing dynasty mdong-mo pitcher that is decorated in an enamel filigree lotus pattern. Its shape and decoration are similar to this one, but there are slight differences in the details. This mdong-mo pitcher was fired with ci clay, and the pelikes were fashioned from copper. The wall is thick and the pure glaze is bright, giving the piece a sense of grace and luxury while conveying the courtly ambience. Additionally, it reflects emperor qianlong's devotion to tibetan buddhism. This pitcher was made in the 1950s and is therefore a historically significant antique.

Estimated market price: USD$90,000-130,000

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