Modern Famille Rose Boys And Peaches Meiping

Modern Famille Rose Boys And Peaches Meiping

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 26.1cm (Width) 26.1cm (Depth) 39cm (Height)

The details are decorated in iron red and golden colors, and the outer mouth of the vase is decorated with fairy peach patterns. Meanwhile, the outer wall of the foot ring is decorated in iron red and green tones, whereby the top matches the bottom. The vase neck is painted with fairy peaches, which are matched by the yellow ename lower part of the vase bearing a pattern of green grass and red blossoms.

The body of the vase is painted in a deep pattern of passion flowers, one vertical and one horizontal against a golden background so as to match the general appearance of the artifact while also indicating that the court rules were meticulous and consistent.

The vase body is painted with four boys celebrating the spring. They frolic next to enormous peaches, and each of them holds a peach as a sign of birthday congratulations.

The pattern of the peaches shows the customs of the spring festival and the lantern festival, thus implying the auspicious blessing of a long life.

Estimated market price: USD$65,000-100,000

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