Liu Yi - Rural Spring - CIMB-PP-2111-008


Liu Yi - Rural Spring - CIMB-PP-2111-008

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DIMENSION: Width - frame: 96.6 cm, content: 80 cm; Height - frame: 60.3 cm, content: 43.4 cm. 

Liu Yi is a Senior Master of Arts and Crafts of Jiangxi, a First Jiangxi Province Ceramic Art Master, a member of the Jiangxi Province Arts and Crafts Association, Vice President of the MDC Zhongshan College of Jingdezhen, Vice President of the Jingdezhen Nanchang Ceramic Culture Creativity Research Institute, a guest professor of the Jiangxi Province Yuzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology, a guest professor of the Jiangxi Province Industrial Professional Technological Institute and an NPC delegate of the Communist Party of Zhushan, Jingdezhen, China. He was born in 1966 in Xinjian, Jiangxi Province. He graduated from the Jingdezhen Ceramic Workers' University majoring in Art Design in 1989. Now he is working for the Art Center of the China Institute of Light Industrial Ceramics. His works not only integrate traditional Chinese style, but also have new innovations, so that his works have modern artistic characteristics. His paintings, no matter on paper or on ceramics all have unique style. His works were selected to be exhibited in China and abroad, and many have been purchased and collected by collectors and merchants. Many of his works have been published in the Dictionary of Chinese Contemporary Artists, the Complete Works of Chinese Jingdezhen Ceramics, Research on Jiangxi Ceramics, Selected Works of Chinese and Japanese Ceramics, Selected Works of Chinese and Korean Ceramics, Chinese Ceramics and Ceramic Art Album of China's Ministry of Light Industry, etc.

Making underglaze blue and wucai ceramic plaque painting is more difficult than traditional paper painting, because it has to be fired twice in the kiln. Firstly, the underglaze blue should be under higher temperature and secondly, the overglaze wucai should be under lower temperature. There are risks of cracking or deforming during the second firing. The colors of the underglaze blue may also be affected or dispersed during the second firing. The final results cannot be predicted before both firings. Therefore, successful works of underglaze blue and wucai ceramic plaque painting are rare. The color enamels used in ceramic plaque painting are more stable and the texture is stronger. Ceramic plaque painting has more layering and more three-dimensional than paper painting. Moreover, it can be permanently preserved, avoiding insect bites and weathering.

This work features underglaze blue and wucai painting of the scenery of an idyllic landscape with green melons and fruits, overhanging the ridge of a field, and two idle birds to express the leisurely, fruitful life of an idyllic garden.

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