Li Zhi - Goldfish Tianqiuping - CIMB-CAP-2109-004


Li Zhi - Goldfish Tianqiuping - CIMB-CAP-2109-004

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSION: 25.5cm (Width) 25.3cm (Depth) 41.5cm (Height)

This blue ground goldfish tianqiuping is a modern imitation of the Qing Qianlong Imperial yangcai ceramics. There are extant Qing Qianlong Imperial yangcai gilt and silvered blue ground ceramics and yangcai ceramics with the goldfish motif, including a large tianqiuping. The shape of this vase is perfect. Its color is brilliant and its painting was exquisite. The revival of the epitome of Qianlong yangcai ceramic art is seen in this vase.

Its maker is a young ceramic artist from Jingdezhen, Li Zhi, who is a Chinese Arts and Crafts Master. He was born in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province in 1986. He graduated from Jiangxi Province Arts and Crafts Vocational Technical College. He studied under the Jiangxi Province Arts and Crafts Master, Mr. Li Shaojing. He now works in the Jiangxi Ceramic Institute and engages in ceramic creation. Currently, he is a member of the China Arts and Crafts Society, a member of the Jingdezhen Artists Association. His work “Spring Rhyme” won a silver medal of the Hundred Flowers Awards. His work "Lotus Rhyme" won the 2008 "China Month Cup" bronze award. His work “Dreamland” won the ceramics achievement award in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. His work “Floral Brocade” won the gold award of the Bauhinia Cup. His work “Foreign Home” won the gold award of the ninetieth anniversary of the flag of the Chinese Communist Party. His work "Spring New Flower" won the award of excellence of the “Yarun Cup” in the first National Ceramic Painting Competition. His works have been published in “Ceramic Capital Evening News”, “Jingdezhen Daily”, “Jiangxi Jingdezhen Ceramics Magazine” and so on.

Market Price: HKD 25,000.00 - 50,000.00

CIMB-CAP-2109-004 NFC ID: 04:47:1A:7A:E6:72:80

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