Li Shangchun - Wrangler - CIMB-PP-2111-016


Li Shangchun - Wrangler - CIMB-PP-2111-016

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Size: Width - frame: 106.5 cm, content: 81.4 cm; Height - frame: 79.7 cm, content: 54.1 cm.
Created date: Oct 16, 2023
Collection: Modern Artists Series

DIMENSION:  Width - frame: 106.5 cm, content: 81.4 cm; Height - frame: 79.7 cm, content: 54.1 cm. 

Li Shangchun, male, born in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province in 1970. He is a member of the Jiangxi Province Arts and Crafts Society, a Jiangxi Province Arts and Crafts Artist, a Senior Artist of the Jiangxi Province (national level), deputy curator of the Figural Painting Gallery of the Jingdezhen Ceramic Art Museum, deputy curator of the Jiangxi Baolin Painting and Calligraphy Museum.  He studied under the guidance of Professor Sun Xian. He was the "Cultural Ambassador" of the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010. He was selected to appear in the 2007 edition of the 《Outstanding Chinese of the World Yearbook》.

Li Shangchun has a solid foundation of painting skills and profound calligraphy cultivation. His works have a unique style and ancient artistic conception. His famille rose ceramic plaque "Heaven" won the gold medal of China's first "Millennium Ceramic Capital Cup". His work "Watchman" won the gold medal of the Jingdezhen Figural Painting Exhibition. His famille rose ceramic plaque "Plateau Virgin" won the silver prize in the 43rd National "Golden Phoenix" Innovative Design Grand Prix. His work "Shepherdess" won the gold medal of Jiangxi Arts and Crafts Grand Prix in 2008. His work "Snowy Plateau" won the gold medal of the 11th China Arts and Crafts Masters’ Fine Works Expo. His 500-piece ceramic vase "Children of the Earth" was collected by the Thai Royal family in 2005.

Li Shangchun's first innovated the famille rose oil painting ceramic works which won unanimous praise from everyone who sees them. The Jiangxi Satellite TV has done a special report on this twice.

Making famille rose ceramic plaque painting is more difficult than traditional paper painting, because it has to be fired twice in the kiln and there are risks of cracking or deforming. However, the colour enamels used in ceramic plaque painting are more stable and the texture is stronger. Ceramic plaque painting has more layering and three-dimensional sense than paper painting. Moreover, it can be permanently preserved, avoiding insect bites and weathering.

This famille rose painting on ceramic plaque set off the horse wrangler's ambition with a snowy and extremely chilly background, giving the audience a passionate feeling.

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