Lacquer Engraved Globular Shape Ceramic Vase with Gilded Dragons of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

Lacquer Engraved Globular Shape Ceramic Vase with Gilded Dragons of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

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Size: 31.3cm (Width) 32cm (Depth) 48.8cm (Height)
Created date: Sep 15, 2021
Collection: Heritage Series

DIMENSIONS: 31.3cm (Width) 32cm (Depth) 48.8cm (Height)

This globular vase is an exemplary piece of porcelain, deeply affected by the cultures of Western Asia. Work of this type originated during the Yongle and Xuande reigns of the Ming dynasty. Appropriately, its name derives from the shape. The pseudo-classic style, however, was emulated during the Yongzheng and Qianlong reigns of the Qing dynasty. Pseudo-classic, globular vases are generally seen as large imperial accoutrements. In addition to the traditional blue-and-white porcelain, globular porcelain vases painted in other styles emerged, including those with multicolor and famille rose motifs. The national power of the Qing dynasty was strong during the Qianlong reign. Thus, the Qianlong emperor cherished precious, elegant porcelains and other refined playthings. A globular vase has a large body and looks like a globe, hence the name.The national power of the Qing dynasty was strong during the Qianlong reign. The art of ceramics reached its zenith during the Qianlong reign, and the emperor’s obsession with refined, artful pieces helped promote the development of the craft. As advocated by him, there was a succession of several new porcelain types. Blue-and-white porcelain was exquisitely delicate, while decorative porcelain was bold and extravagant. Lacquerware was the most frequently used ware in the palace. Red was not only a common color in engraved lacquerware but was also conveyed imperial majesty. It was generally applied to pseudo-classic lacquer-engraved porcelains during the Qianlong reign. The engraved porcelain requires extremely sophisticated processes, particularly since the paste will easily fall off if it’s overly dry or damp. It is difficult to produce a complicated but exquisite engraved porcelain. The pseudo-classic engraved porcelain in the Qianlong reign of the Qing dynasty is an example. The lacquer-engraved globular vase with numerous flowers has four to five layers. The curves are as fluid as the undulating surface of a flowing brook, implying extraordinary craftsmanship. Although engraving is the most important process of the creation of lacquer-engraved porcelain, the final glaze cannot be neglected. The red glaze used on this piece isn’t of the type commonly found elsewhere. Actually, it becomes less translucent and, after firing, has a lacquer-engraved effect.This item is a globular vase with engraved clouds and dragons. It has a flared mouth of gilded copper, a long neck, rounded shoulders and a rounded foot of gilded copper. Besides, it features an elegant model, a beautiful style, and engraved clouds and dragons. Fierce dragons rise from the sea to soar among the clouds. Interestingly, they are distinct in manner posture, but they’re also mutually complementary. The beholder is quickly captivated by their outstanding nature and royal demeanor.

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