Hu Qingyang - National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance (Left hand up) - CIMB-PP-2110-011


Hu Qingyang - National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance (Left hand up) - CIMB-PP-2110-011

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Size: Width - frame: 68.1 cm, content: 48.5 cm; Height - frame: 68.3 cm, content: 48.5 cm.
Created date: Dec 01, 2022
Collection: Modern Artists Series

DIMENSION: Width - frame: 68.1 cm, content: 48.5 cm; Height - frame: 68.3 cm, content: 48.5 cm.

Hu Qingyang, born in Jingdezhen, graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic University in Jiangxi Province. He is a National Level 1 Technician, a Senior Arts and Crafts Master, Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jingdezhen, and Founder of Ciyi. Currently, he is an Academician of Jiangxi National Defense Culture Ceramic Art Painting Institute, and Executive Director of Jingdezhen Ceramic Artists Association. Since childhood, he has been deeply interested in art painting as a hobby. Inspired by Chinese history and culture, he has his own ideas and understanding of traditional techniques and modern aesthetics, and his works are diverse in terms of style, with delicate and elegant painting style, soft tones, and integration of ancient styles and innovations. He is specialized in powder enamel of infant play, beautiful women, flowers and birds, and has his own unique painting styles.

In 2013, the powder enamel ceramic "Pleasure of Nature" won the Silver Medal in the Jingdong Cup "Brilliant Ceramics, Virtuous Jingdezhen" National Painting and Calligraphy Ceramic Art Competition; in 2014, the ceramic "Fortune Comes with Blooming Flowers" was collected by Lingnan Museum of Fine Art; in 2016, the Beijing Opera series "Beauty Story” works were collected by Beijing Culture; in 2018, he participated in the event of “Guinness World Record Jointly Set by A Thousand of People” and succeeded in it; in 2019, the work "Effortless Benefits" was collected as a first-class collection by the Shitian Art Museum, a branch of Hong Kong Orient Art Museum.

Making famille rose ceramic plaque painting is more difficult than traditional paper painting, because it has to be fired twice in the kiln and there are risks of cracking or deforming. However, the color enamels used in ceramic plaque painting are more stable and the texture is stronger. Ceramic plaque painting has more layering and is more three-dimensional than paper painting. Moreover, it can be permanently preserved, avoiding insect bites and weathering.

This piece is the renowned Beijing Opera series "Beauty Story” by Mr. Hu Qingyang. Beijing opera is a time-honored national tradition, which is diversified and pleasing to the heart. Everyone has a story in his or her heart, whether it is joyful or sorrowful. The national tradition features poetry-like artistic expression and tender beauty, enabling people to find their inner resonance.

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