Gilded Blue-and-White Prunus Jug with Figure Design - HL No. 036


Gilded Blue-and-White Prunus Jug with Figure Design - HL No. 036

Coinllectibles Limited
Contract address: 0xA37c......e3Eb
Token ID: #37
Token standard: ERC-721
Royalty fee: 8 %
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Artist / Owner:
Size: 23cm (Width) 22.3cm (Depth) 31cm (Height)
Created date: Aug 01, 2022
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSIONS: 23cm (Width) 22.3cm (Depth) 31cm (Height)

This item has a flared and concave mouth, short neck, broad shoulders, a plump but slightly tapering body and a short, rounded foot. It features a high profile, a thick-and-hard texture and a smooth blue-and-white glaze. The blue-and-white glaze is verdant, gorgeous, and penetrating, perfect for painting. The rim, body and foot are gilded. Additionally, the gilded figure design is vivid and artistically rendered.

Market price: USD 19,400 - 25,900

Legal documents
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Certificate of Ownership

This digital ownership token (this “Fusion DOT”) serves as the certificate of legal title to and beneficial ownership of the Collectible, as defined in the Transfer Deed between Massive Treasure Limited and Coinllectibles Private Limited dated 02 August 2021 (and described in the Valuation Report(s)) incorporated into this Fusion DOT, upon the terms and subject to the conditions contained in the following documents incorporated into this Fusion DOT: (1) Transfer Deed; (2) Sale and Purchase Agreement; (3) Bailment Agreement; and (4) Valuation Report(s).

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Price history

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BUSD 39,200 BUSD

From: 0x2940......7a4c

To: 0x8649......47Bd


BUSD 32,000 BUSD

From: 0xcc03......104b

To: 0x8649......47Bd


From: 0xc690......a9b5

To: 0xC690......a9b5