Du Fangxing - Double earred Fortune Vase fired by Wooden Kiln - CIMB-CAP-2109-005

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Token ID: #31
Token standard: ERC-721
Royalty fee: 8 %
Blockchain: Polygon
Artist: Coinllectibles Limited
Size: 14.4cm (Width) 14.3cm (Depth) 18.3cm (Height)
Created date: Nov 11, 2022
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSION: 14.4cm (Width) 14.3cm (Depth) 18.3cm (Height)

This blue and white dragon amidst cloud fortune vase was a modern imitation of Qing Qianlong Imperial ceramics. During the Qing Qianlong period, the Jingdezhen Imperial kilns often made this shape. This shape is commonly known as deer head vase, because many examples of this shape have deer head ears. Yangcai hundred deer decorations, blue and white and doucai lotus decorations and blue and white dragon amidst cloud decorations were commonly seen in this shape. This vase was decorated with blue and white dragon amidst cloud patterns. The patterns are slightly modified from the Qianlong prototype and so it combined traditional Qing Imperial art and modern innovations. It was fired in a traditional wood-fired kiln. Its color is brilliant and it was delicately painted. It is a modern ceramic masterpiece.

Its maker is Du Fangxing, who was born in Jiangxi Province in 1977, is a master of wood-clay and wood-wood kiln and a senior painter. He grew up in a kiln factory and has a passion for ceramic. He has always had his own unique opinions and ideas on ceramic production. Focusing on the blue and white antique wood-clay kiln, he founded the wood-clay kiln in 2011 alone. Now the kiln is 10 years old, and he has mastered the very good exclusive formula of antique raw ore mud glaze. His works are varied in style and unique.

Market Price: HKD 25,000.00 - 50,000.00

CIMB-CAP-2109-005 NFC ID: 04:92:11:7A:E6:72:80

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