Ding Guifeng - Aquatic Bird - GV-PP-2112-013


Ding Guifeng - Aquatic Bird - GV-PP-2112-013

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Size: Width - frame: 190.2 cm, content: 172.2 cm; Height - frame: 100 cm, content: 82.1 cm
Created date: Feb 27, 2023
Collection: Modern Artists Series

DIMENSION: Width - frame: 190.2 cm, content: 172.2 cm; Height - frame: 100 cm, content: 82.1 cm

Ding Guifeng is a native of Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province. He is a young ceramic artist who graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, Craftsman in Jingdezhen, & a Member of Jingdezhen Ceramic Association. He was passionate about painting since childhood and has developed his own unique style by drawing on the strengths of others. He is specialized in underglaze blue and white and high-temperature color glaze, realistic figures and landscapes, animals, and his works are humanistic and unique, featuring high space for collection values. He is now mainly engaged in the study of Western and Chinese style ceramic painting and customization of fine works.

The artist employed the high-temperature color glaze technique on ceramic plaque in this work. The colors of the high temperature glazes change after firing. Different thick glazes melted but would not fuse together during firing. The artist fathomed the physical and chemical characteristics of the high -temperature color glazes and all the details were preserved after firing. He used various subtle changing textures to express the colors and textures of the autumn lotus and water birds which resulted in a presentation of a splendid picture with flowing ethereality.

GV-PP-2112-013  NFC ID: 04:86:0E:7A:E6:72:80

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