18th Century France Bronze - Model of the Borghese Gladiator


18th Century France Bronze - Model of the Borghese Gladiator

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Artist / Owner: Andrew Bigland
Size: Height: 24.02 in. (61 cm); Width: 15.36 in. (39 cm); Depth: 8.67 in. (22 cm)
Created date: Jul 28, 2022
Collection: Crossover DOTs

The Borghese Gladiator is a Hellenistic life-size marble sculpture actually portraying a warrior contending with a mounted combatant. It was found before 1611, at Nettuno south of Rome, among the ruins of a seaside palace of Nero and was added to the Borghese collection in Rome. Camillo Borghese was pressured to sell it to his brother-in-law, Napoleon Bonaparte, in 1807; it was taken to Paris when the Borghese collection was acquired for the Louvre, where it now resides. The sculpture was among the most admired and copied works of antiquity in the eighteenth century, providing sculptors a canon of proportions. A bronze cast was made for Charles I of England (now at Windsor), other copies can be found at Petworth House and in the Green Court at Knole.

This excellent 18th Century Bronze Model of the famous Borghese Gladiator pays distribution to the antique marble sculpture. This kind of copy of an antique model was common during the the times of Grand Tour tourism, in which the admiration and display of the antique culture was an essential part of Europe's elite's presentation of sophisticated taste. Up until today the display of an iconic classical sculpture in an interior is an amazing addition to the sophisticated living space. It underlines the owner's admiration for the arts and the long scholarly tradition of such Grand Tour objects.

Materials: Bronze, Gilt
Year of production: 18th century
Place of Origin: France

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