Modern Yellow-glaze Bowl in Style of Hongzhi Reign of the Ming Dynasty - HL No.010b


Modern Yellow-glaze Bowl in Style of Hongzhi Reign of the Ming Dynasty - HL No.010b

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Size: 15.3cm (Width) 15.3cm (Depth) 7.5cm (Height)
Created date: Aug 09, 2022
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSIONS: 15.3cm (Width) 15.3cm (Depth) 7.5cm (Height)

This bowl has a large rim, sizable body and rounded foot. It is white-glaze inside and yellow-glaze outside. Its wall is embellished with crane and cloud patterns, which are exquisitely carved. The form is simple and unsophisticated. The yellow-glaze ceramic produced during the Hongzhi reign was the most famous, as it represented the pinnacle of such ceramic of the Ming dynasty. The yellow glaze was poured down on the biscuit ceramic at that time. That's such glaze is called the "pouring yellow glaze.” As its light and elegant color is as delicate and glossy as chicken fat, it is also known as the "delicate yellow glaze" or the "chicken fat yellow glaze.” Occasionally, the yellow-glaze ceramic has a leaden, silver luster, because the delicate yellow glaze ceramic is fired twice at a low temperature.

The yellow-glaze ceramic features diverse shapes and a unique glaze. Sometimes, it looks light and delicate; sometimes, soft and gentle. Tong Dian (a book on laws and regulations of Chinese dynasties) read that, "Yellow is a neutral color. Blessed by heaven, yellow is the purest color. Therefore, it is an imperial color." The yellow glaze had been strictly exclusive to the royal family in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Thus, only the yellow-glaze ceramic became imperial in that period. Besides daily use, it was also for sacrificial purposes. The yellow-glaze ceramic retains its opulence and nobility, upon which the imperial power had left its impress, although the monarchy was overthrown. In recent years, such ceramic has become increasingly attractive and desirable to collectors.

Market price: USD15,500 - 25,900

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