Modern Cup with Kui Dragon in Clashing Colors and Style of the Chenghua Reign of the Ming Dynasty (HL No. 042j)


Modern Cup with Kui Dragon in Clashing Colors and Style of the Chenghua Reign of the Ming Dynasty (HL No. 042j)

Coinllectibles Limited

DIMENSIONS: 6.2cm (Width) 6cm (Depth) 5cm (Height)

This item is a modern cup with a Kui dragon in contrasting colors and the style of the late Chenghua reign of the Ming dynasty, produced in Jingdezhen during contemporary times. The diameter is 6.2cm. This item has a flared rim, a straight and slightly tapered body, and a short, rounded foot. Its biscuit ceramic is paper-thin, while its glaze is creamy and lustrous. There are circles in the blue glaze on the outer surfaces of the rim and foot. Two dragons frolicking with a pearl adorn the body in multiple glazes, which include blue and green. The two dragons look back and stare at each other while flying and chasing the pearl among the clouds. The inner wall is white-glaze. As the saying goes, official kilns in the Chenghua reign of the Ming dynasty did not produce large ceramics. Instead, these official kilns preferred small but exquisitely designed products. This cup is a representative of such ceramics. Its biscuit ceramic is white and fine, as well as even and thin. Hence, this item belongs to the category of "bodiless ceramic.”

The glaze is gentle and lustrous with extremely tiny air bubbles, making this item as beautiful as mutton-fat jade. Clashing colors, also known as "blue-and-white plus bright colors" or "bright colors on a blue-and-white ground,” means the underglaze blue-and-white color and the overglaze colors stand in contrast to one another.

This item is a masterpiece in mutually distinct colors in the Chenghua style. Specifically, the "Ping Deng Blue" cobalt unique to that period is used to produce light and elegant color development. This clear blue color stands in sharp contrast to the overglaze green color. The dragons are long and graceful with elegantly curved postures. The scales are vividly painted one by one, and the legs are sturdy, powerful and dynamic.

Market price: USD15,500-32,300

NFC ID:04:B5:62:FA:B9:73:80

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