Adeline Yeo (Yeo See Chin Adeline)

Dimension: 187cm (Width) 158cm (Height)

This auction piece “ILLUMINATION”, in collaboration with Coinllectables™️ Fusion DOTs™️, is an extension of her best-selling book “Viva Life Illuminated”- for your life to be illuminated, you should have a past, and immerse yourself in the present, and look forward to the future, thereby having your life ILLUMINATED.

Adeline has great passion in arts with extraordinary techniques in the application of colours. This colourful paint “ILLUMINATION” is an abstract painting, which shows different lights reflection, with unique diffusion and intensity.

By the use of vibrant and refreshing colours in her paintings, Adeline sets out uplifting and inspiring messages to the audience. In this artwork “ILLUMINATION” , she has applied a new finger technique to produce different colour tones, contrast and powerful strokes with different rhythm, showing a light of hope from the painting.

Her artworks have caught high degree of attention and click-through rate. They bring audiences with visual enjoyment and inspirational messages, which are the good choices for collection or investment.

About the Artist:

Adeline is the first female finger-painting artist in Singapore. Starting from 2010, Adeline Yeo has held seven successful solo exhibitions in different galleries, art museums, and private clubs in Singapore. She has also participated in different charity projects, including for the Singapore Association for Mental Health, and Mother and Child Project.

Adeline’s artworks have the ability to empower, uplift and inspire, it is no wonder that many find her paintings emotional and inspirational, motivating one to explore the many storied facets of life. Her art pieces are sought after by industry leaders, art connoisseurs, and art collectors.

Adeline uses her fingers deftly, creating the most abstract artworks punctuated with glimpses of discernible birds, and surreal swirls of flowers. With her strong and uninhibited finger strokes, her paintings express her unique abstract concepts and her finger-painter's passion for life. Her best pieces are often created while she is blindfolded. All of Adeline's art pieces revolve around the trinity of LIFE - Love, Joy, and Faith.

NFC ID: 043a0f7ae67280

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