Fezila William - Banksy Inspired Lipsculpture


Fezila William - Banksy Inspired Lipsculpture

Fezila William
Contract address: 0x6385......0424
Token ID: 
Token standard: ERC-721
Royalty fee: 8 %
Blockchain: Polygon
Artist / Owner: Fezila William
Size: 30x18x12 cm
Created date: Aug 26, 2022
Collection: Crossover DOTs

Banksy Inspired Lipsculpture

Swarovski meets After Banksy’s Girl with the balloon on unique by Fez Lipsculpture
Dimensions : 30x18x12 cm

Materials used:
Compound Material, Resin, original Swarovski crystals in different colours and sizes

Legal documents
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Certificate of Ownership

This digital ownership token (this “Fusion DOT”) serves as the certificate of legal title to and beneficial ownership of the Collectible, as defined in the Transfer Deed between Coinllectibles Private Limited and Coinllectibles Limited dated 7th June, 2022 incorporated into this Fusion DOT, upon the terms and subject to the conditions contained in the following documents incorporated into this Fusion DOT: (1) Transfer Deed; (2) Sale and Purchase Agreement; and (3) Bailment Agreement.

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