FAQs Asia Drop


1. What is the difference between DOT and NFT?

  • The term “NFT” stands for “Non Fungible Tokens”, and the term “DOT” stands for “Digital Ownership Tokens”.
  • DOT is a more comprehensive form of NFT – whereby legal documents such as rights, licenses, etc. are minted and available on the Arweave blockchain.

2. What makes the Chris Webber DOT different from other NFT/DOT projects?

  • The Chris Webber DOT is one of the first projects which combines offline immersive experiences like meeting the athletes, getting tickets to the live games with online experiences
  • Chris Webber, a 5 time NBA All-Star will be the first athlete from NBA, in future there may be other athletes in NBA or other sports like tennis to be onboarded and release of their DOTs
  • Holders of Chris Webber DOT will be able to get priority access to these drops ahead of the public!

3. What is the real-world utility of owning a Chris Webber DOT?

You get a truly immersive NBA fan experience by being eligible to win:

  • Real autographed shirt of NBA 5-time All-Star Player
  • Real autographed basketball of Fab 5
  • Online/in-person meetups with Chris and other athletes
  • Internship and jobs opportunities for fans
  • Court-side tickets to Live NBA games
  • Private locker room access

4. What is the total supply?

  • The total supply is 1,000 but will be available in 5X different supply drops

5. How many DOTs will be reserved for Chris Webber & Coinllectibles Partners?

  • 100 DOTs will be held for marketing and giveaways to partners

6. What is the mint price of each DOT?

  • 0.5 ETH + Gas Fee

7. When is the first drop?

  • We are now offering whitelist spots and the details of the first drop will be made known to all whitelist members

8. When will the next Drop after the first Drop?

  • The next supply drop will be dictated by the success and results that come out of the community from the first drop.

9. What is the max per wallet and transaction?

  • One full set of 5 Chris Webber DOTs per wallet
  • Our goal is to have 100% unique holder count

10. What do I do after I mint my first series?

  • Go to the Coinllectibles Sports Discord linked on this site, connect using CollabLand

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