Doctor in the House


Dimension: 66.5cm (Height) by 145.5cm (Width) by 21cm (Depth)

London-based Reverspective Artist Patrick Hughes, the creator of Reverspective painting, has agreed to produce this exclusive artwork for Coinllectibles™.
Coinllectables™ will mint this artwork into a Fusion DOT™ creating this unique Patrick Hughes Coinllectibles™ crossover masterpiece.

Reversing the principles of perspective, Patrick's Reverspective paintings create optical and visual illusions. This “Doctor in the House” extraordinary 3D
painting plays tricks on the audience's mind through the paradox of illusory space and movement, and when the principle of perspective is reversed and
solidified into a sculpture painting something extraordinary happens. The mind is deceived into believing that a static painting can move of its own accord.

Patrick's artworks are sought after by different museums, galleries, and private collectors. His 3D Reverspective paintings have been exhibited and
featured in many public collections including The British Library, the Tate Gallery and the Baker Museum. He has also held solo exhibitions in over 150
cities, ranging from Los Angeles to Switzerland.

Coinllectibles™ mints this one of its kind 3D Reverspective painting created by Patrick Hughes into a Coinllectibles™ Fusion DOT™ Through advanced
blockchain technology and proprietary verification technology, Coinllectibles™ Fusion DOTs™ secure the ownership titles to this physical painting.

About the Artist:
Born in Birmingham, England in 1939 Patrick Hughes lives and works in London. His works are in collections including The British Library, the Tate Gallery
and the British Academy in London, the Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, The Würth Museum, Künzelsau and the Baker Museum, Florida Hughes exhibits
in London and throughout Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada Books by Patrick Hughes include Vicious Circles and Infinity; Upon the Pun: Dual Meaning in
Words and Pictures and Paradoxymoron: Foolish Wisdom in Words and Pictures. The artist's work is studied in Perverspective by John Slyce (2005) and in
A Newer Perspective (2018) with articles by Dawn Ades, Martin Kemp, Thomas Papathomas Murray McDonald, and Patrick Hughes.

Patrick’s first exhibition was in 1961 and his first Reverspective Sticking out Room, was made in 1964. Hughes' original painted reliefs are concerned with
optical and visual illusions, the science of perception and the nature of artistic representation. He has written and collated three books on the visual and
verbal rhetoric of the paradox and oxymoron. He has made a hundred editions of screen prints and is making his way towards multiples of that.

Patrick held his first solo show in 1961 at the Portal Gallery, London. It was the first one-man show by a Pop Artist, though they were not even called that
then. A few years later, Hughes made two seminal reverse perspective works, Infinity and Sticking-out Room. In the 1970s Hughes’ name became
synonymous with rainbow paintings, which also became very popular as prints and as postcards.

In the late 1980s, Hughes revisited exploiting the difference between perspective and Reverspective and solidifying space. For the last 25 years his 3D
Reverspective paintings have been in great demand, exhibited around the world and featured in many public collections. The experience of seeing a
Patrick Hughes sculptured painting in reality is to experience unreality and the paradox of illusory space and movement.

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