Do It for me

Faizal Yunus (1989)
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Blockchain: Polygon
Artist / Owner: Richard Koh Fine Art Pte Ltd
Size: 109 x 106.5 cm
Created date: May 04, 2023
Collection: Crossover DOTs

Artist: Faizal Yunus (b.1989, Malaysia)

Title: Do It for me

Year: 2020

Medium: Oil, metallic and lacquer on canvas

Dimension: 109 x 106.5 cm

Faizal Yunus (b.1989, Malaysia) is a Malaysian based artist who works mainly in printmaking, painting and installation. He graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mara University of Technology (UiTM) in 2012 with a major in printmaking. Faizal has been drawn towards nature as he grew up in such a surrounding that has helped him nurture a unique imagination and interpretation of the greenery around him. Autonomy has driven him to believe that the egalitarian society is a vital key to which he adapts the banal practices of everyday life into his art-making-process.

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