Allan Banford - Amsterdam (Digital DOT)


Allan Banford - Amsterdam (Digital DOT)

Allan Banford
Contract address: 0xE1A6......D78a
Token ID: #125
Token standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Artist / Owner:
Created date: Jan 03, 2022
Collection: Crossover DOTs

Amsterdam from the Equine series of Allan Banford delivers a fascinating visual homage to the majestic horse. This series portraits the movements and magnificent postures through intense brushes, featuring the energy and individuality of these specimens enhanced by the detail and precision of the ocular cavity. The painting has been executed on a mahogany wood panel, oils and acrylics with a generous matt banish, featured on an early 1900s vintage double gold gilded frame.

Inspired by the sublime riding horses of The Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam, the oldest riding school in the Netherlands, dating back to 1744, the artwork Amsterdam symbolizes freedom and power. The painting motivates you to feel vitalized and reminds you to focus on your desired goals, the motion result of the artist technique depicts the sense of progress and growth, this single horse is even so symbolic of being a hero. Thereby, a horse painting represents a sense of victory and triumph. Feng Shui masters recommend hanging a horse painting with the forward direction heads into a home. As it will lead the wealth and luck into your home not flowing away.

About the Artist:

Allan Banford artworks respond directly to the surrounding environment of everyday experiences, unnoticed instances that come alive by his “Laceration” technique, de-constructing the subject to the extent that the meaning is shape-shifted, creating an abstract interpretation that challenge perception and perspective.

His art follows the concept of constant creative evolution, identifying the boundaries between consciousness and reality his creations capture movements, emotions, portraits and, figures revealing an inseparable relationship between dimension and space, this conceptual approach produces unique multi-layered texturised artworks.

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