Artist: Umibaizurah (1975)

Title: Afterwork 1

Year: 2022

Medium: Gouache, Watercolor, Collage on Watercolor Paper, Glass and Wood Frame.

Dimension: 66 x 85 cm (Include Frame)

Umibaizurah is a ceramic artist born in 1975 in Malaysia. Umi’s sculptures’ subjects are often animals common in our environment, and her works explore the interaction of human activity and our relationship with the physical environment today. The seriousness of her subject matter is camouflaged by the playful visual quality of her ceramic sculptures and assemblages. Many of her works are imagined hybrids of species, objects, and machinery, linking many issues concerning our modern world. She has always tried to push the traditional boundaries of contemporary ceramic work, reflecting the politics and economics of her country, community living, immigration, and many other issues that we face today, both domestically and globally. Since 1997, Umi has participated in exhibitions across Malaysia, South-east Asia, Asia, and Europe. She represented Malaysia in the 2009 Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale #1, 2012 Jakarta Contemporary Ceramic Biennale #2, 2011 Cheongju Craft Biennale, and 2009 Asia Ceramics Network South Korea. She attended several ceramics residency programmes, ceramic symposiums, art talks, and ceramic workshops in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, and Europe. Her artworks have garnered several international awards and are collected both locally by; National Art Gallery Malaysia, Petronas Galeri Malaysia, Ilham Gallery, and individual collectors and internationally.

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