3D Digital Image - 3D-CIMB-PP-2208-003


3D Digital Image - 3D-CIMB-PP-2208-003

Coinllectibles Limited

This stereoscopic 3D image is generated from the Ceramic Painting CIMB-PP-2208-003 by proprietary algorithm and AI technology.

The depth information for individual pixels of the image is first deduced by monocular depth estimation with vision transformer as the backbone of image encoder in the deep learning AI model. A stereo 3D image pair is then generated by our proprietary algorithm based on the original painting and its depth information. 

As part of this unique pack, the initial purchaser of the DOT will receive a free 3D Tablet as a gift to complete the 3D experience.

Editions: 20 Editions

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High Resolution Image: [Web Link] - [Arweave Link]

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