William John Kennedy signed - limited edition - Warhol Holding Marilyn Acetate I, 1964


William John Kennedy signed - limited edition - Warhol Holding Marilyn Acetate I, 1964

William John Kennedy
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Artist / Owner: Kiwi Arts Group LLC - Neil Bookatz
Size: 40 x 30 inches
Created date: Mar 30, 2022
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William John Kennedy - Warhol Holding Marilyn Acetate I, 1964

Location: East 47th Street Factory, New York City

Medium: Gelatin silver print, printed 2010

Dimension: 40 x 30 inches

Frame: Height 129cm and Width 98cm

Edition: 42/60

Catalogue Number: 1-D

Signed and editioned by the photographer print recto

Signed, titled, editioned and dated [2011] print verso

Image includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the photographer

The first time I shot Andy we were standing in the Factory. Next to him, rolled up were fifty different pieces of acetate. So, he reached over and he said, “These are the proofs of all of my silk screening.” He pulled out this one rolled up acetate, unrolled it and sure enough, this gigantic image of Marilyn appeared. That was the reason that I had him stand behind the image, knowing that it was transparent, and totally incorporating his image with hers. That was my first involvement with shooting Andy Warhol at the Factory.”

William John Kennedy, Full Circle, Before They Were Famous

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