William John Kennedy signed - limited edition - Andy Warhol with Birmingham Race Riot sandwich board , 1964

William John Kennedy
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Artist: William John Kennedy
Size: 20 x 24 inches
Created date: Mar 30, 2022
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William John Kennedy - Andy Warhol with Birmingham Race Riot sandwich board, 1964

Location: East 47th Street Factory Fire Escape, New York City

Medium: Gelatin silver print, printed 2010

Dimension: 20 x 24 inches

Frame: Height 73cm Width 86cm

Edition: 21/60

Catalogue number: 9-C

Signed and editioned by the photographer print recto

Signed, titled, editioned and dated [2010] print verso

Image includes a certificate of authenticity [2010] signed by the photographer

With the Alabama Race Riot,  I was trying to think, immediately of very exciting ideas in reference to Andy and the work, I finally decided, I’m going to involve him totally physically with this artwork.  And as soon as I mentioned that to him and I got the roll of tape from him I said, now, Andy, what I’m going to do is going to tape these two images together and then we’re going to put them over your shoulders like a sandwich board, he went crazy.  He loved it.  So I walked over to the door and I said, what is out here?  Oh, he said, that’s the fire escape.  So I opened the door and I had him stand out there and the image wasn’t working correctly initially.  So I said, Andy, I said, walk down to the next level and then come up the stairway.  The he walked down when I got him up to this perfect composition I said, hold it.  So he held it and we shot this whole thing just like that.

William John Kennedy, Full Circle, Before They Were Famous

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