Modern Famille Rose Golden Pheasant Double Earred Vase

Modern Famille Rose Golden Pheasant Double Earred Vase

Coinllectibles Limited
Contract address: 0x61b0......634e
Token ID: #1722
Token standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: OEC
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Created date: Aug 12, 2021
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSIONS: 9.5cm (Width) 9.5cm (Depth) 16.7cm (Height)

DIMENSIONS: 9.3cm (Width) 9.3cm (Depth) 16.8cm (Height)

The design decoration and painting style are similar to the Qianlong enamel flower-and-bird inscribed poem vase sold by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong in 1997. This both included the elements of flowers and pheasants, which Qianlong may be involved in the design of the piece. The pelikes "have a flared mouth, a long neck, a sagging belly, and a flanged bottom. They are small and exquisite. The handles on the neck are in the shape of curly grass. The pattern of RuYi, an S-shaped ornamental object, on the shoulders is elegant and graceful. The scene, depicted on the belly, includes "flowers, stones, and the golden pheasant". The golden pheasant, also known as the Chinese pheasant, is a rare and most beautiful type of pheasants, native to china. It is perching on the branch, surrounded by pink flowers and stones. A poem in ink appears on the back, which reads, "light green are the twigs, delicate pink are the buds." the poem and the painting complement each other." two stamps, with the characters of "佳丽" and "翠辅" (literally "beautiful" and "green"), are at the beginning and end of the poem, respectively. A "Qianlong reign" mark in blue enamel is on the bottom.

Estimated market price: USD$65,000-100,000

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