Ming dynasty kinrande pedestal dish - CHY No.140

Grand Gallery
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Artist: Grand Gallery
Size: Diameter: 15.5cm, Height: 9cm
Created date: Oct 20, 2022
Collection: Bronze Collection

This pedestal dish falls into the Kinrande gold rail hand variety of the late Ming Dynasty. Kinrande is a Japanese term meaning golden thread embroidered color brocade. Kinrande porcelain is created by adding exquisite golden colored brocade patterns on white, green, blue, red and purple monochrome glazed porcelain, with shapes such as bowls, high-footed plates, pots and bottles. In addition to imitation of Japanese golden thread embroidered brocade, there are also imitation of golden colored painted white letter paper of the same period, with firing from the period of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty to the late Ming Dynasty, when it was circulated to Northern Europe, Africa and South America. 

Estimated current market value(HKD): 50,000.00 - 100,000.00

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