Meiping with Traditional Chinese Phoenix and Flower Pattern

Meiping with Traditional Chinese Phoenix and Flower Pattern

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Size: 26cm (Width) 26cm (Depth) 38.5cm (Height)
Created date: Sep 15, 2021
Collection: Bronze Collection

名稱及規格: 仿明初•五彩琺華彩鳳凰花卉紋梅瓶

五彩法華,又叫琺花或琺華,是一種用立粉法繪製的低溫彩釉陶,以瓶和罐居多,圖案為民間常見的人物、花鳥等,底色多用孔雀藍或孔雀綠,填彩為黃、紅、紫、藍等色。故又稱為"五彩琺華"。在台北古月堂和首都博物館 有遇見過"三彩琺華",卻未曾見過五彩琺華。琺華器有瓷胎與砂胎,裝飾有堆塑、刻花和填彩-古人用作盛酒之用,後來人們慢慢地將此裝酒器物作為擺設藝術品之用,稱為"梅瓶。 本拍品“口細而項短,肩極寬博,至脛稍狹,折於足則未豐,瓶身以五彩琺華彩繪雙鳳凰、色彩艷麗栩栩如生、鬆石綠釉作底,倍添高貴,乃清代中期代表作瓷器之底色。 瓶身之雙鳳凰互相朝望,寓意夫婦恩愛合諧、同享榮華富貴之意.鳳凰為百鳥之王,雄為鳳、雌為凰,古明得見鳳凰則天下太平清明,乃瑞祥之鳥、而古鬆綠樹,國色天香之喻。兩鳳凰相見,太平富貴。 誠為不可多得之收藏佳品。

Name and Specification: Imitating of the early Ming Dynasty: A Meiping with a Phoenix and Flower Pattern

DIMENSIONS: 26cm (Width) 26cm (Depth) 38.5cm (Height)

Wucai Fahua, also called enamel, is a kind of low-temperature colored glazed pottery drawn by the powder method. This method is mostly applied on vases and jars, with figures, such as flowers and birds. The background color used is mostly peacock blue or malachite green, while the filled colors are mostly yellow, red, purple, blue and other colors. Therefore, it is also called "Wucai enamel ". There are "Three-color enamel" in Taipei Guyuetang and the Capital Museum, but no one have ever seen the “Wucai enamel” in both places. The enamel wares consist of porcelain and sand womb, decorated with piles of sculptures, carved flowers, and color filling. Ancient people used to fill it with wine, and later people used it as a display of art, called "Meiping" - plum vase. This vase's mouth is small, the neck is short, the shoulders are very wide, and the shin is slightly narrow. The vase is painted with multicolored double phoenixes, with turquoise green glaze as the base, which looks noble and is the representative background color of the porcelain in the middle of Qing Dynasty. The pair of phoenixes on the vase look at each other, which means that the couple is in love with harmony, and they share prosperity and wealth with each other. The phoenix "Feng Huang" is the king of birds. The male is the "Huang" phoenix, while the female is the "Feng" phoenix. In ancient times, "Feng Huang" represents harmony and auspiciousness. When the "Feng” and “Huang" meet with each other, it means the world is peaceful and wealthy. The ancient pine and green trees are a metaphor for the most beautiful region in the country.

Appraised Price Range: USD50,000-65,000

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