High Relief Round Ceramic Painting with Gold Decorated Dragon Pattern, Made during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty - CIMB-CAP-2201-003

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Size: 91.5cm (Width) 91.5cm (Height) 18.012kg (Weight)
Created date: Oct 25, 2022
Collection: 新年系列

Magnificent Series

The Magnificent Series collects exquisite antique works from Qing Dynasty, as well as ancient style artworks made by modern artists.

This collection features exquisite production, reflecting an extremely high level of craftsmanship and artistic values, expressing inspiring and auspicious meaning. This collection is truly a great set of works with high collection values.

High Relief Round Ceramic Painting with Gold Decorated Dragon Pattern, Made during the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty

DIMENSIONS: 91.5cm (Width) 91.5cm (Height) 18.012kg (Weight)

This item, titled High Relief Round Ceramic Painting with Gold Decorated Dragon Pattern, features harmony in form, carving, glaze, and pattern, and is an imitation of a classic masterpiece made during the period when the ceramic industry was under the supervision of Tang Ying under the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. Such high-relief ceramic printing with Dragon patterns has the most demanding firing requirements for ceramic production, which require meticulous measurement and deliberation, and the ceramic plates made are all artistic works.

This item is one of a set of nine pieces, which is an extremely rare collection of the finest and most elegant wares. The Dragon in the painting is plated with real gold and is majestic in form with inspiring and auspicious meaning. The golden Dragon leaps across the clouds and waves, majestic and powerful, vivid and delicate, and the Dragon patterns on ceramic are marvelous under the brush of the artist. The ceramic pieces of the Qianlong period were also often shown with a single Dragon design. During the Tang Ying period of the Qing Dynasty, the ceramic pieces were seen to be perfected, and the golden Dragons were in harmony with each other, flipping through the clouds into the sea and dancing in the sky, requiring a high degree of difficulty, and the application of such vivid patterns to this round ceramic plate is a miraculous technique and a model of sincere ceramic decoration. Though art historians have not offered an interpretation of the meanings, the leaping of the golden Dragon seems to have belonged exclusively to the emperor and his successors.

The artistic relief process of this ceramic plate is profound and sharp, with the exception of the flying dragon leaping between the colored clouds and the waves, which tends to be softer, giving a new visual effect and effectively emphasizing the slight difference in glaze color, making it even more distinctive. The relief carving of the face of the Dragon is particularly prominent, with the auspicious Dragon dancing in the clouds, vivid and lifelike, so that one can feel the atmosphere of "the clouds are drifting, the waves are splashing, and the Dragon is aspiring to roam".

This high-relief ceramic plate painting piece features gold relief carving and auspicious Dragon, which restores the three masterpieces of the court (enamel, famille-rose, and gold relief carving) that have been out of use for nearly 300 years, and is a collision of ceramic craftsmanship and gold craftsmanship, as well as a combination of historical culture and contemporary craftsmanship. With the posture of "Auspicious Supremacy", it reappears the royal majesty of "bright yellow embroidery, golden Dragon with colorful clouds", and is an artwork with high aesthetic and collection values.

Market price: USD 38,800-45,200

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