Henry III gold penny

Henry III gold penny #001
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Sold for GBP 18,000 (equivalent to 13,363,953.83 COTK) on 23 Jan 2022

Auction instructions:

The h-NFT (Hybrid NFT™️) contains the ownership title to the private and commercial licences described therein with respect to the video Mp4 4k UHD file. Proceeds from the auction will be split over charities chosen by the vendor and Spink, specifically The Rodney Cook Memorial Fund and the Himal Foundation. 

To bid for the h-NFT, please visit Coinllectibles’ MetaMall, click on the project details and transfer your bids to the digital auction wallet. The details of the digital auction wallet will be made available at 7.00am UTC on http://www.coinllectibles.art/.

Bidders can bid for the h-NFT in either Binance Coin (BNB) or Colligo Tokens (COTK).  A bid is considered when someone transfers BNB/COTK to the digital auction wallet and each bidder will be recognised by the unique digital wallet address. To illustrate, if Bidder A makes a bid for 2,000,000 COTK while Bidder B holds 2 wallets and makes bids at 1,600,000 COTK and 1,700,000 COTK respectively, Bidder A will be deemed the winner.  While Bidder B made a total bid amounting to 3,300,000 COTK, they are deemed to be separate bidders due to the different wallet addresses.

There is no limit to the number of bids and/or counterbids each wallet can make.

To reconcile the different digital currencies, the conversion rates at 5.15pm UTC will be taken.  For the avoidance of doubt the winning bid on the Coinllectibles platform will be integrated in the Spink live auction, minus the 20% buyers’ premium charged by Spink, so all bidders are treated pari passu, and the Coinllectibles winner does not pay more than original bid.

If, in the live auction, no bids exceed the Coinllectibles winning bid, then the NFT will be transferred to the Coinllectible highest bidder.

If, in the live auction, the winning bid is above the Coinllectibles winning bid (minus the 20% Buyers premium), then the NFT will be transferred to the live auction highest bidder. Once the winner is announced, the h-NFT will be transferred to the auction winner while the rest of the tokens will be refunded.

Starting price for the h-NFT is GBP5 (USD6.70 or COTK2900, based on current exchange rates) and the auction will close at 5:15pm UTC on Sunday 23 January 2022.

Wallet Address for Auction: 0x8bCdd87027CAC79895580BB98Ca0FBBcc5f43FF8

 Coinllectibles™ Launches US$3.8million "Magnificent Ceramic Series" On Its MetaMall. 
 Coinllectibles™ Launches US$3.8million "Magnificent Ceramic Series" On Its MetaMall.