Gilded Blue-and-White Jug with Lid with Patterns of Chrysanthemums, Lotuses, with Banana and Lotus Leaves - HL No. 037

Coinllectibles Limited
Contract address: 0x6822......EeA8
Token ID: #10
Token standard: ERC-721
Royalty fee: 8 %
Blockchain: Polygon
Artist: Coinllectibles Limited
Size: 34.7cm (Width) 34.4cm (Depth) 35.7cm (Height)
Created date: Jul 25, 2022
Collection: Bronze Collection

DIMENSIONS: 34.7cm (Width) 34.4cm (Depth) 35.7cm (Height)

The blue-and-white color development of this item is adequate, and the blue glaze is dark. The gilded floral patterns are wonderful, being embellished with banana leaves that are rendered with decent artistry. The patterns of chrysanthemums and lotuses are well spaced in the rippling water. The jug with lid is graceful, dignified, gorgeous and noble. The body, lid and rounded foot are gilded. The remainder of the vase is rendered in a thick blue-and-white glaze that carries a soft gleam. The verdant color, too, is gorgeous and penetrating, like a timeless painting.

Market Price: USD 19,400 - 25,900

Legal documents

Certificate of Ownership

This digital ownership token (this “Fusion DOT”) serves as the certificate of legal title to and beneficial ownership of the Collectible, as defined in the Transfer Deed between Massive Treasure Limited and Coinllectibles Private Limited dated 02 August 2021 (and described in the Valuation Report(s)) incorporated into this Fusion DOT, upon the terms and subject to the conditions contained in the following documents incorporated into this Fusion DOT: (1) Transfer Deed; (2) Sale and Purchase Agreement; (3) Bailment Agreement; and (4) Valuation Report(s).

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Price history

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USDT 47,000 USDT

≈ $47,032.8109

From: 0x0cb7......6902

To: 0x3ba8......Fb53


USDT 46,200 USDT

≈ $46,232.2524

From: 0x7079......ecf8

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USDT 45,600 USDT

≈ $45,631.8336

From: 0x816a......eeb2

To: 0x3ba8......Fb53


USDT 38,000 USDT

≈ $38,026.528

From: 0xa4fc......1a49

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From: 0xc690......a9b5

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