Enameled and Gilded Cloisonné Dragon and Phoenix Plate Designed and Fired During the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty - CIMB-CAP-2201-012


Enameled and Gilded Cloisonné Dragon and Phoenix Plate Designed and Fired During the Reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty - CIMB-CAP-2201-012

Coinllectibles Limited
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Artist / Owner: Coinllectibles Limited
Size: 50.7 cm (Width) 50.5cm (Depth) 7.8cm (Height)
Created date: Aug 15, 2022

Magnificent Series

The Magnificent Series collects exquisite antique works from Qing Dynasty, as well as ancient style artworks made by modern artists.

This collection features exquisite production, reflecting an extremely high level of craftsmanship and artistic values, expressing inspiring and auspicious meaning. This collection is truly a great set of works with high collection values.

DIMENSIONS: 50.7 cm (Width) 50.5cm (Depth) 7.8cm (Height)

Inspired by the traditional Chinese Dragon and phoenix, this item, titled Enameled and Gilded Cloisonné Dragon and Phoenix Plate, is made in strict accordance with the palace cloisonné technique process, featuring well-balanced lines, well-defined spacing, well-organized layout with clear priorities. The color scheme is stunning, and truly brilliant without being vulgar, and the royal nobility is radiated by the luxury.

According to the traditional Chinese culture, the Dragon and the phoenix signify auspiciousness and happiness, while the appearance of the Dragon and the phoenix together implies that they are expected to bring peace and harmony. In the design, the Dragon and the phoenix each occupies a half, with the rising Dragon opening its mouth and spinning its body, looking back at the phoenix, and the auspicious phoenix spreading its wings and tail, looking at the Dragon with its eyes lifted. The Dragon and the phoenix are surrounded by auspicious clouds, creating a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

The partnership of the Dragon and the phoenix has been widely prevalent among the folk and has been incorporated into the customs of different regions and ethnic groups, with the symbolic meaning of harmony between the Yin and the Yang, consummate marriages as well as praying for good fortune. The Dragon and phoenix are mutually attracted, just like a man and a woman in the world, integrated and dependent, each providing support, belonging and objective to each other, adding a particularly charming style. 

The overall design of the Plate has been purely handmade with the royal cloisonné technique, and it is the sfumato process that makes it perfectly attractive. It is life-like in its realism, comparable to the skillful brush strokes.  It requires pure natural mineral master craftsmanship techniques to come out with the rare performance in cloisonné creations here. The entire work of art, with its delicate cloisonné process and bright, warm colors, is a rare masterpiece. It is a worthy collection.

Market price: USD 71,000-109,700

NFC ID: 04:5D:09:7A:E6:72:80

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