Blue-and-White Hua Gu Vase in Underglaze Red with Lotus Pattern Characteristic of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

Blue-and-White Hua Gu Vase in Underglaze Red with Lotus Pattern Characteristic of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

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Size: 15.5cm (Width) 15.5cm (Depth) 22.5cm (Height)
Created date: Oct 16, 2021
Collection: Heritage Series

DIMENSIONS: 15.5cm (Width) 15.5cm (Depth) 22.5cm (Height)

Hua Gu, generally called "Zun" in antiquity, is a kind of ornamental porcelain that emulates bronze ware. A pair of Hua Gu were placed on the sides of a censer along with two candle holders, and collectively these were referred to as the "Five Sacrificial Utensils.” Hua Gu appeared as a sacrificial utensil on the censer table of an ancestral hall or a temple, specifically in the days when ancient Chinese worshiped the heavens and their ancestors with prayers to Buddha. Later, it found use as a vase. Hua Gu is commonly made from bronze, porcelain or tin. Thanks to its gracefully dignified form and superb craftsmanship, Hua Gu is highly collectable. The lotuses on this item are mainly depicted in the blue-and-white glaze and are set off by frets and floral scrolls. The underglaze red is used to embellish the lotuses and banana leaves, thus embodying the "single red flower amid thick foliage“motif. As an underglaze color with copper as its photographic coupler, the red is applied to the biscuit porcelain concurrently with the blue-and-white glaze. Then, the biscuit porcelain, being covered with an extra-clear glaze, is placed in the kiln for high-temperature firing. Despite the use of fewer steps, it is more difficult to produce the underglaze-red-decorated porcelain than the type decorated in iron red. This is because, with the former, the temperature is very difficult to control. Consequently, unsuccessful underglaze-red-decorated porcelains are somewhat common, being characteristically grayish black. Thus, the bright color of this Hua Gu makes it a masterpiece in the eye of any collector.

Market price: USD28,000-45,000

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