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Size: 21cm (Width) 21.5cm (Depth) 33cm (Height)
Created date: Nov 08, 2022
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DIMENSIONS: 21cm (Width) 21.5cm (Depth) 33cm (Height)

The gourd vase, named for the shape similar to a gourd, has been favored by the people since the Tang Dynasty as its pronunciation similar to “Luck and Prosperity”, and it had become a traditional shape for vessels. During the reign of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty, this vessel was especially popular with corresponding variations as the emperor highlighted the Huang-Lao Taoism. Besides traditional shapes, there’re also a style featuring round in the upper part and square in the lower part, indicating the orbicular sky and rectangular earth. The varieties include blue and white, Wucai, Wucai with gold traces, modern Ge Glaze, tea powder and other single-color glazes such as blue glaze, white glaze auspicious characters. and yellow glaze. Most of the decorations bear the implications of the Taoist and some are written with auspicious characters.

In the Yuan Dynasty, various gourd-shaped vases such as the octagonal gourd bottle and the upper-round and lower-square vases also emerged. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a large number of gourd-shaped vases were fired, with the shapes of the vessels also varied a lot. There were many varieties such as square, round, upper-round and lower-square symbolizing the sky and the earth as well as polygonal shapes. Some of them also have special names, such as "Moon Embracing Vase", which is a flat-bellied gourd-shaped vase fired during the resign of Emperor Yongle and Xuande of the Ming Dynasty.

By the period under the resign of Emperor Kangxi, three-section or four-section gourd-shaped vases also appeared. During the reign of Emperors Yongzheng and Qianlong, there were three-section and four-section gourd-shaped bottles fired. As recorded in the archives at the 31st year under the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Plant offered two foreign-style colored blessing and longevity gourd vases to the Palace during the Emperor's Longevity Festival.

This Archaistic Wucai Floral Pattern Bottle Gourd Vase features: Such special shape is highly popular in the collection market, and the highest grade lies in those fired during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. This vase is covered by yellow glaze, with a white background as well as multi-colored decorative patterns. In addition to the bright red peonies, there are also patterns such as lotus, dragons, flowers as well as some auspicious characters. Furthermore, it is even more difficult to make a gourd-shaped vase than any other vases and cans. The key is that the gourd bottle should be designed with a waist in the middle, with the upper and lower parts being bulging. The overall shape should also expressive, natural and smooth. After the reign of Emperor Qianlong, not only the gourd bottle, but the quality of the ceramic firing was much inferior.

Are gourd vases more collectible than ordinary bottles and bowls? There are tens of thousands of varieties of ceramics and thousands of kilns, therefore, it’s not easy to make a statement. First, about the material among those manufactured gourd vases, the official kiln with the enamel color is the most valuable. It does not only use the best imported color materials, but also has a complicated firing technique with low success rate. Until now we haven’t seen a gourd vase with enamel color yet, followed by Clashing Color, blue and white underglaze red. The Forbidden City has collected a gourd bottle during the reign of Emperor Qialong, which is highly pretty. The price of a gourd vase of such level is at least RMB 10 million. Furthermore, factors such as creativity, craftsmanship, appearance, existence, popularity, collection and inheritance of the gourd vase should also be considered.  As for this Archaistic Wucai Floral Pattern Gourd Vase, the ancient people used it to symbolize the fullness of descendants and the continuity of later generations. The gourd vase is not only admirable, but also related to Taoism and Confucianism. It contains rich cultural heritage, making it easy to resonate with the collectors in the process of continuous collection and appreciation. 

Market Price: USD 25,900 – USD 32,300

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