Apple-Shape Zun Vessel in Altar-Red Glaze of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

Apple-Shape Zun Vessel in Altar-Red Glaze of the Qing Dynasty (19th Century)

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Size: 28.2cm (Width) 31.5cm (Depth) 37.5cm (Height)
Created date: Oct 16, 2021
Collection: Heritage Series

DIMENSIONS: 28.2cm (Width) 31.5cm (Depth) 37.5cm (Height)

This item is an apple-shape porcelain Zun vessel made in the Qing dynasty. Its rim is similar to that of a water pot, while its form is suggestive of an apple. It has a short neck, a large and round body, and a hard texture. The even and thick glaze perfectly matches its solid and steady model. This piece was sent overseas and then came back to China. The gilded copper rim and six gilded roses of varied sizes that decorate the body were added later. The round base is a high-quality French gilded copper sculpture that is exquisite, vivid, gorgeous and elegant. The apple-shape Zun was invented during the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty. It is characterized by the red exterior glaze, the white bottom glaze, natural cracks and a concave bottom. As a unique form that emerged during the Kangxi reign, it is highly sought after by investors as a valued collectible. The altar-red glaze, for example, is pure, graceful and attractive. In ancient times, this type of apple-shape Zun in the altar-red glaze generally served an ornamental purpose in the life of a royal household. It isn't merely a bauble, though, as the ingredients of the altar-red glaze include precious gold, corals, agates and jades. The altar-red glaze, translated from ji hong ("祭红" or "霁红", which refer to the same type of glaze), was, like the Zun form, invented during the Kangxi reign. This tinted, high-temperature glaze is regarded as a treasure by kiln masters, due in part to the exceedingly difficult process involved in itsproduction. The altar-red glazed porcelain bears a thick but solemn color, which denotes the sophistication of the process.Thus, perfect examples are very rarely seen. Nevertheless, no expense was spared in production. In other words, this altar-red glazed porcelain is the zenith of traditional Chinese ceramic products, and its altar-red glaze is a pearl among tinted, high-temperature glazes. Historically, the bright-red glazed porcelain found favor among nobility as well as the common people. Particularly, during the Qing dynasty the Qianlong Emperor cherished such porcelain. "Rains poured, and the clouds dropped as the banquet ended. The setting sun shed light on a wild duck flying alone. The porcelain was made with clay, shaped on an iron wheel and dyed with cinnabar." The emperor gasped in delight as he played with and appreciated it. This piece presents a remarkable aesthetic, distinct characteristics of the times and is of great value for the knowledgeable collector.

Market price: USD25,000-51,000

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