Adeline Yeo



“When I paint with my fingers, it makes me feel one with the canvas. I am free to create whatever I have in my mind. I am a very sensorial person, so it feels almost like an intimate process to me.” – Adeline Yeo

Adeline Yeo, born in 1977, is recognised as Singapore’s first female finger-painting artist.
The strong and uninhibited finger strokes on her paintings, speak of uninhibited courage and confidence. It is a combination of femme fatale strength and gentle femininity all at once. Adeline’s artworks have the ability to empower, uplift and inspire, it is no wonder that many find her paintings emotional and inspirational, motivating one to explore the many storied facets of life. Her works are often vibrant, refreshing and one-of-a-kind. These are reflections of her deep thoughts as well as her zest for life and hope for love.

As an artist, Adeline also challenges convention by painting – at times, in public – blindfolded, a practice that enables her to create exceptional artworks that are authentic and soulful, much like heartbeats and pulses that connect the mind, body and soul.

Instagram: @addy_77


Her World’s “Bare for Hope” Campaign (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Contribution on painting on 55 3-D prints of women’s breasts, which formed the shape of a ribbon. An exhibition of the art piece was displayed at the Paragon atrium from Oct 17-25, 2015.

A Collaboration with “Something Beautiful” (2013)
“Something Beautiful” showcased Singapore designer Kay Wong of Milky Way and specialist finger-painting artist Adeline Yeo’s gorgeous creations. Items including dresses, co-ordinates and scarves from the limited-edition collection were modelled by Kay and Adeline themselves.


 Coinllectibles is pleased to welcome Terry Lee as Head of Art and Joshua Chu as Chief Risk Officer. 
 Coinllectibles is pleased to welcome Terry Lee as Head of Art and Joshua Chu as Chief Risk Officer.